Wine and Food

Wine and food travel is SO MUCH MORE THAN A PERCEIVED NICHE. IT IS A PERVASIVE COMPONENT OF EVERY TRIP. Whether we are avowed foodies or wine lovers, we appreciate fine food and wine when we travel. At Travel Sommelier, we offer dining and immersive beverage experiences across the spectrum – whether you are a layman or an expert – we know which doors to open. FOOD AND WINE is part of our DNA, eating and drinking are primal instincts. My personal philosophy is that there is no better way to truly appreciate a destination or a culture than to food shop in neighborhood markets among the locals. So it is with dining. There is no substitute for ENJOYING THE BOUNTY that a surfer chef has foraged from the ocean that morning and serves at his kelp shack at lunch time. Similarly, we enjoy introducing our clients to CULT VINEYARDS and guiding them through fringe wine regions to MEET WINEMAKERS who are farmers first and whose presence is pure entertainment as they introduce the dream behind the wine in your glass. I distinctly remember finding a completely unheard of restaurant in a the Basque hamlet of Axpe 15 years ago. I celebrated a milestone birthday there with my closest friends…today all the culinary world knows of Etxebarri the #3 rated restaurant in the world.  We pride ourselves on being able to say that by the time one of our hidden gems has been written about in the mainstream press, we have already FOUND ANOTHER EMERGING DELIGHT