Travel Products

LARQ Bottles are self cleaning, filtered water bottles great for travel
Self-cleaning, filtered water bottles
Loctote bags are theft resistant
Courant wireless charges for traveling around the world
Wireless charging on the go
Trtl Head Pillows
Allergy Cards translated in
over 60 languages

Travel Products

THat Pass Our Test

Any well-traveled person will concede…good travel products can help make time away from home more pleasurable, comfortable, convenient and safe. It takes a lot to win space in your already overpacked suitcase – so these products have to meet our stringent tests: Are they effective? Can you pack them easily? Are they worth the money? And, are they well-designed? (After all, we like ‘pretty’).

Here are few of the Travel Sommelier staff favorites.

LARQ Self-Cleaning Water bottles

Keeping germs at bay should be a main concern of every traveler. This water bottle provides worry-free, clean water no matter where you are in the world. The LED light cleans the water bottle and the water inside with a quick click of a button. And, the sleek design won this company a prestigious Red Dot design award.

Loctote theft-proof bags

Even while visiting the most beautiful and exquisite locations on earth, you must be vigilant. That is why this backpack made the list. It is pick-pocket proof, slash-proof and comes with a lock so you can safely secure it. It is well made and provides peace-of-mind while touring around foreign lands.

Courant Portable, wireless chargers

Their claim is “portable charging – perfected” and they are right. This sleek power bank makes recharging a breeze. It provides two full phone recharges and is up to 2x faster than a regular plug-in charge. Compatible with many phones including all Apple i-phones over version 8. Available in 5 great colors and made with premium pebble-grain Italian leather.

TRTL Head Pillows

Say good-bye to those bulky travel pillows that never fit in your luggage. Trtl head pillows are made like a scarf but allow you to tighten to the point that your head stays upright. No more stiff necks and extra items to carry. They come in many colors and are adjustable to accommodate different sizes. There is even a child size and a stylish carrying case.

Trtl pillow

Allergy Cards Translated in over 60 languages

These cards really worked. On a recent trip to Italy, we presented them before ordering at restaurants. Literally every server altered our dinner selection as a result. Who knew most meatballs are cooked in peanut oil? Translated in over 60 languages and good for food and medication allergies and other medical conditions, these cards could be a legitimate lifesaver.