Ode To Travel

Caitlin Humpreys in Cape Town
Darren Humphreys Driving Boat
Caitlin and Darren Humphreys in Miami

Ode To Travel

Feeling the void

by Caitlin

Putting aside the devastating health consequences and fears of Covid-19, along with its harmful effects on businesses (including ours), I have often ruminated over the past couple of months about how social distancing actually affects me personally.  

Our sons are too young to put me in the challenging role of home schooler and they have been thriving on the family time and attention from Mommy and Daddy.

Life has become simpler and gratitude for the smaller things, abundant.  I have read A LOT of books.  Darren’s garden is thriving and he is now an expert boater (pretty good for a bush boy!).  Being an introvert, I am fine with the alone time and being an extrovert, Darren still has the phone!  We have brushed up on our zoom and other technology, and have actually communicated with more folks than usual, albeit not in person.  As a company and industry, we have had the time to be creative and adaptable, do the clean-up tasks to which we do not normally have a chance to get, and have more time for personal client and industry chats.  As a couple (and family), this was a unique opportunity to really become in tune with each other’s biorhythms and moods and learn to work together as a team and undo the kinks (rather than busily ignoring them).

Darren and Caitlin Humphreys at table in Croatia

The huge impact (again, apart from the introductory caveats – I am not trying to be insensitive) of social distancing/quarantine, has been not traveling.  I realize that I use travel in so many ways…it maintains my equilibrium and without it I am off-balance.  Travel might not be my base of Maslow’s pyramid of needs but it is darn close to the bottom, or maybe it is infused at all levels.

I have often felt that I was born into the wrong country or time period – I have always had international friends and value the “social introversion” in other countries (rather than the U.S.’s prized loud extroversion).  

Caitlin in Morocco

I sometimes feel more at home elsewhere and it serves to reaffirm the positives of my nature to myself (needless as that may be).  When I travel, I am farther from home yet ironically closer to myself.  I live in the small town in which I grew up (and to which many, many people have moved back).  Duxbury is a beautiful, lovely, idyllic town but it is easy to get trapped inside the bubble and allow small things to magnify.  Travel gives perspective – different ways of thinking, personalities, challenges, histories.  It expands your view both literally and internally.  Along the same vein, travel sparks inspiration – new sounds, smells, conversations, shops, foods, ways of thinking.  Although Darren and I always travel with an eye towards our “work”, it also truly allows us to unplug.  We are both Type A over-achievers who feel guilty not being productive at all times.  Traveling is our healthy way to temporarily escape…unplug, sleep, stop multi-tasking, live in that moment.

I am missing you my dear travel, soon enough!