Paradox – Split, Croatia

Darren Humpreys Zoran Pejović Paradox and Travel Sommelier
Darren and Zoran at Paradox
Paradox Wine Bar
Split Croatia from water
View of Split Croatia

Paradox in Split:

The man behind the wine bar Voted #1 in the World

by Darren

Intermittently you meet someone who is emblematic of their country and of their culture. Zoran Pejović is one of those people. I met him in the wild and woolly surroundings of Queenstown, New Zealand…I mean where else would you strike up a friendship with a Croatian?!

A Croatian Gem

Just as Zoran is something of a man of the millennium, so too is Croatia a country for the millennium. It is one of a handful of countries that has tourism nailed. The country has multiple layers and it is a delight to peel them away. What stands out for me is the quality of wine and gastronomy.

Zoran’s wine bar Paradox in the port city of Split showcases this magnificently. A stone’s throw from a multifaceted ancient palace in the old city overlooking the port, it could not be more dissimilar from the soviet era apartment blocks that dot the city. An illuminating wine list and Croatian charcuterie platters are defining of the zeitgeist of the times in this evolving country. 

I refer to a visit to Paradox as being like Nike: ‘Just Do It’.

But let us know when you are about to go…we will ensure you are looked after by him, his friend Marco and his other friend Marco…

Darren Humphreys in Split Croatia