The Ultimate Honeymoon

The Ultimate Honeymoon

Why South Africa is, without peer, THE BEST honeymoon destination in the world

by Darren

When I think about what it is that newlyweds desire from honeymoon, it is a diversity of experiences wrapped in romance and intimacy. In that respect, South Africa ticks all the boxes. 

Johannesburg offers a window into the country’s singular sociopolitical culture and history; Cape Town is quite possibly the best city in the world to visit, along with its dramatically beautiful peninsula; the majestic Cape Winelands offer world class wine tourism and gastronomy; and nowhere in Africa can you enjoy better Safari and wildlife experiences. Then, and this is what makes South Africa a real standout, the country is an ideal springboard to nearby regional world class experiences – Victoria Falls and island archipelagos in Mozambique, among others. 

Setting the scene

Look no further than Johannesburg or Victoria Falls. Both offer the opportunity to acclimate, to get on ‘Africa Time’. Johannesburg has the added advantage of enabling visitors to walk in the footsteps of Mandela. It is the unofficial capital city of Africa, a true melting pot. Vic Falls has an unparalleled line-up of outdoor and adventure activities. Our top pick is a treehouse on an island in the center of the mighty Zambezi river course…’Out of Africa’ personified!

Captivated by the Cape Peninsula

No trip to Southern Africa is holistic without a handful of days in Cape Town and surrounds. Boutique hotels that make you feel as though you are ‘coming home every night’, food experiences to marvel at and spectacular scenery combine to deliver those heavenly moments that every honeymooner deserves. The Winelands are a heady mix, romantic and exotic, while the rest of the vast peninsula offers something for every special interest…and more.

The Main Course

There is something quite mesmerizing about experiencing the animal kingdom up close and personal. I think it has to do with how perspectives shift – as humans we quickly realize that we are in nature’s backyard, and no longer the apex in our environment. This is strangely uplifting and invigorating. Combine this with the in-lodge experiences offered by South Africa’s elite Safari camps and the intimacy and romance of the bushveld (think private plunge pools and sunset cocktails in the bush), and the safari experience soon becomes without parallel.

Dessert…the cherry on top

I don’t think any honeymoon is complete if it does not incorporate time in a pristine beach environment. A short hop from South Africa and you are in neighboring Mozambique. Simply put, this is a tropical paradise, but with better food. Endless miles of breathtaking and practically deserted beaches (with the exception of a smattering of colorful local fishing boats), wildly beautiful ocean scapes, and sumptuous villas make this my preeminent choice for seclusion and, dare I say it, passion!  I should add that Mozambique was my wife’s highlight of our honeymoon….

If there is one aspect of our business that we deliver exceptionally well, it is honeymoon experiences. We know how integral a honeymoon is to the foundation of a marriage. We are acutely aware of the emotion, energy and expectation wrapped up in honeymoon planning. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than feedback upon return from a honeymoon couple, and nowhere more so than South Africa. It is one of the defining reasons why I do what I do.

It is instructive to highlight that all of the experiences described above are easily woven together. No demanding logistics, just a seamless transition process.

I forgot to mention the other thing that comes to mind when I think of honeymoon is that newlyweds want be enveloped, to be on auto-pilot. BINGO! South Africa, it is.