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My Guide To greece

by Darren

I used to live in Greece. My time on the island of Rhodes produced some of my fondest memories of travel around the world, and to date, remains one of the happiest, most carefree periods of my life.

Darren Humphreys in Greece
Darren in Greece, circa 1992

It is quite difficult to convey just how much time stands still across many of the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean. As with all travel, this needs to be experienced first-hand. 

One of the most noticeable recent trends in our business has been a marked and unsolicited uptick in inquiries for itineraries to Greece. To that end, here is my ‘Greece 101’ and my personal favorites….

Double beaches in Greece

Greek time

The most commonly used word in Greece is “Avrio”; translated, it means “tomorrow”. The second most used word is “O-hee”; translated, it means “no”. “No….maybe tomorrow” is a constant refrain in Greece and if you think that slows things down in Athens, or on the mainland, then the islands operate at a relative snail’s pace. Frustrating? Absolutely NOT, because the sooner you get on “Greek time”, the better. 

Parthenon Greece Athens


Athens offers the perfect introduction. The city houses “rite of passage” sites to visit, such as the Acropolis and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but you are properly rewarded by taking day trips to e.g., Sounion (for dramatic coastal-scapes and Poseidon’s tomb) and Delphi (arguably the most comprehensive and important collection of archeological sites in Greece). After two days though, you are itching to head to…


The most convenient cluster of islands is The Cyclades. Variably a breezy hydrofoil or short flight excursion from Athens, this cluster of islands is all about diversity.

Islands like Folegandros are a step back in time…sampling the day’s catch directly from fishing boats, bearded Orthodox priests in white-washed monasteries, shepherds herding goats, lazy boat trips to hidden coves and fresh, staggeringly authentic cuisine.


The other end of the spectrum is the Greece of the 21st century, showcased on Santorini, all instagrammable views of the Caldera and five-star restaurants offering contemporary Greek cuisine. The good news is that there are a small handful of properties that are havens in and amongst the hive of activity, AND there are numerous ways to enjoy the island off the beaten path – vineyards, olive groves, hikes, ATV excursions.

While most islands feel like fantasyland, Rhodes is real – a truly authentic Greek experience. Locals are engaged in business – commerce, tourism, etc. The port is home to a remarkable, medieval historic quarter and is rich in history…myth & legends prevail and divers still search for remnants from the statue of the Sun God Helios who towered over the harbor, taller than the Statue of Liberty. Use the pretty, pedestrianized fishing enclave of Lindos as a base to visit villages where a lunch of fresh feta, olive and vine tomatoes is accompanied by conversations with elderly locals playing chess and draughts.

Darren Humphreys in Rhodes

May, June and September…look no further to head back in time.