New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that punches hugely above its weight in all of the endeavors to which it turns its attention – rugby, sailing and tourism, to name a few. When you live at the edge of the earth you develop character. Kiwis are renowned for enveloping visitors in warmth, a generosity of spirit and abundant hospitality. The Land Of The Long White Cloud, and of Middle Earth, is mesmerizingly beautiful. From sub-tropical white sand beaches to mighty glaciers and everything in between, every day is a different journey. In large part, this is a country dominated by geological treasures… the volcanic interior of the North Islands, complete with geysers and thermal pools, contrasts with the fjords and towering mountains of the alps on the South Island. Add to that thrilling adventure activities (the country lays claim to being the ‘adventure capital of the world’) and locales that are revered by food and wine connoisseurs, and you have one captivating destination!