South African Food & Wine

The food and wine in South Africa has been a WELL-KEPT SECRET that is just now starting to receive international acclaim. A classic bridge between Old World and New World winemaking regions, South Africa showcases some of the FINEST WINES in the Southern Hemisphere, all against the backdrop of magnificent scenery. At the tip of the African continent, the region enjoys the maritime influence of the meeting point of two oceans, yielding a remarkable diversity of wines. Allied with the region’s spectacular wines, there are a variety of wine-less activities to enjoy, including hot air ballooning, chocolate making and cheese tasting.

When you consider the quality and variety of wines, the standard of accommodation and the concentration of TOP CLASS CULINARY SPOTS, all set against the most visually stunning of backdrops, the South African wine region is an unbeatable destination for wine lovers. Too often the wine region is considered as an addendum to a broader trip to Southern Africa, yet it is a focal point unto itself.

The nouveau American concept of organic, local “FARM TO TABLE” cuisine has always been the way in South Africa. Farmers’ markets abound and as Darren explains, “The food tastes like what it is. A tomato tastes like a tomato”. There are a plethora of restaurants Travel Sommelier can recommend in the cities and winelands and the cuisine at the safari lodges is always high-end and local (as well as all-inclusive!). Please let us know if you are interested in private cooking classes.

The South African Winelands, concentrated around Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, are home to SPECTACULAR WINERIES. Clients enjoy tastings, tours, world-class meals, garden/farm tours and breathtaking scenery. The Winelands’ Chenin Blanc and Pinotage are of particular note. Very few of these wines are imported to the United States and many clients choose to ship cases of newly discovered labels home for unique additions to their collections. The villages of Stellenbosch and Franschoek have charming town centers to visit, which house shops, restaurants, galleries and a university. The Winelands are a day trip from Cape Town but also offer luxurious overnight accommodations. Darren again has extensive first-hand knowledge of the wineries, both the most popular and those off the beaten path, as well as the owners and staff.