Tara Verity

tara Verity

Journey Destination Specialist

Some of my fondest childhood memories include jam-packed car rides to Cape Cod, Disney World, and weekend sports tournaments. Over the years the scope of my travel grew, first domestically, with New Orleans, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Hawaii among my favorites.  Soon to follow, I expanded my travels abroad to Central America and beyond.  Dublin, where I ran my first marathon, will always be my top choice.   

Luckily, my husband shares my passion for travel. After starting our family in Aspen, we traded the mountains for the ocean and put down roots in Duxbury, Massachusetts. These days vacations with our two daughters almost always involve a sandy beach or a ski mountain.  

The travel memories I have amassed are as much about the people I was with, or encountered, as they are about the beauty of the destination. However, it was not just the people—it was the smells, the tastes, and the music I heard, that created such special moments. As part of the Travel Sommelier team, I enjoy creating life-enhancing trips for clients and find myself adding destinations that I have yet to experience to my personal bucket list!


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