Natalie Lockyer

Natalie Lockyer

Operations Coordinator

My husband and I first met Darren at a Thai restaurant in NYC in 2000. We all worked on Wall Street at the time but the conversation turned quickly to vacations. It was immediately obvious that we had a collective love and appreciation for the wonderful experiences that travel brings. In fact, I believe it was at that very dinner that Darren noted that life after Wall Street would include running a high-end and bespoke travel consultancy, a dream, as it turned out, that we all shared!

I had not visited Southern Africa at the time of our first meeting but have had three wonderful trips since. I have been fortunate to experience some of the best that Europe, North America, and the Far East have to offer but there is little doubt, in my humble opinion, that the Southern Africa experience (and safari in particular) is one that is very difficult to beat. Our favorite trip to date was without question, South Africa and Mozambique with our children and parents.

My role at Travel Sommelier is to ensure that the nuts and the bolts of your vacation are in place. My favorite part of my job is hearing the wonderful feedback from our clients once they return from a trip we have curated for them.  At Travel Sommelier, our goal is to provide the highest standard of service that goes above just a great itinerary. The design and booking of the trip should be as seamless as the trip is wonderful and inspiring so you are left with just the most amazing memories. People ask why the name Travel Sommelier. It is true that we structure many wine trips; however, like a good sommelier, our role is to help you navigate the many possibilities and make the experience of finding the right option for you an enjoyable and interesting one so that you can sit back, relax, and revel in the experience of the world’s greatest destinations.

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