Michael Abrahams

Vice President of Sales

It seems a rarity these days to turn a passion into a profession. After joining a Boston start-up and experiencing the immensely valuable lessons an environment best described as a “living MBA” of hypergrowth, capital raises, and varying product offerings can have, I decided to take the multitude of learnings gained and apply them to a new industry and component of life that is widely sought after for enhancement and universally revered, transformative travel experiences.  

I’ve been fortunate to have come from a family that prioritized exposure to amazing new experiences throughout the world. Among some of the more memorable include family vacations in Central America and harrowing backpacking expeditions throughout America’s national parks, studying abroad in Barcelona and traversing the European continent, and more recently seeking out hidden surf breaks along the Nicaraguan coastline. 

Joining the Travel Sommelier team as Vice President of Sales, my goal is to share my passion for travel and provide immense value across the entire continuum of trip development, with those interested in seeking unique experiences that make you pause in awe, reconsider perspectives, or simply satisfy an appetite for adventure in remote parts of the globe. 


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