Jessica Danes

Jessica Danes


Planning a trip is almost as exciting for me as the journey itself, as I hold pure possibility in my hands. When I begin to dive into a destination, discovering the museums, restaurants, and excursions, the trip takes shape, and the anticipation begins. It’s a dream job to help plan uniquely tailored, singular trips for Travel Sommelier clients.

I fell in love with travel when I studied abroad in Paris during my junior year of college and attended the Sorbonne. During breaks, I had the chance to explore Europe. After graduating I went on to a career in journalism and continued to travel, mostly to the Caribbean and Central America. I got engaged off the beaten path in Vieques and swam in the waters of the bioluminescent bay.

I spent a decade living in Houston and working at the Houston Chronicle, where I edited and wrote stories about food, travel, and fashion. My research skills served me well in planning international vacations for my family with lots of moving parts. A few of my favorite trips include chartering a sailboat in Greece to visit some of the smaller islands in the Saronic Island chain and traveling around Costa Rica to experience its different ecosystems.

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