About Us

We DESIGN ITINERARIES in niche markets around the world and offer unparalleled knowledge of local food and wine in these destinations. Darren Humphreys, a native South African, founded Travel Sommelier after working in the financial markets for twenty years. He and his wife, Caitlin, understand and appreciate every level of travel, from camping in the bushveld to the height of luxury.


Travel Sommelier customizes trips for clients, only after spending an extensive amount of time understanding the dream behind each trip. We learn what expectations and goals each client have for their trip, what type of a traveler they are, whether the interests of multiple family members need to be balanced, what their food and wine palate are, and other small, but important nuances. We then book and structure the trip in tandem with our deep and abiding relationships “on the ground,” including boutique hotels, safari lodges, guiding and transportation services, restaurants, wineries, and sommeliers.


At Travel Sommelier, we are with our clients every step of their journey, from trip preparations to tracking the trip as it progresses to ensure that each client gets special treatment, to debriefing with clients after their trip. Many clients have ended up becoming close friends throughout this process.


Most importantly, Travel Sommelier does not send its clients to any destination unless we have personally “seen it, smelt it, and felt it.”